Discover the modular home designs tailored to complement your lifestyle

Gable House

Our Gable House redefines modular and progressive housing, offering exceptional spatial adaptability to meet the needs of every resident. Utilizing our innovative CEA construction system (Energy-Aseismic Construction), we deliver modern and functional architecture characterized by uniform architectural envelopes and streamlined design.

Frame House

Inspired by adaptability to surroundings and environment, the FRAME HOUSE emerges. With its distinctive triangular geometry, this dwelling seamlessly integrates into diverse climates, delivering modern, avant-garde architecture alongside exceptional thermoacoustic comfort and robust resistance to adverse weather conditions.

Arch House

Nuestra ARCH HOUSE ofrece una arquitectura moderna de estilo abovedado, diseñada para maximizar el espacio, es ideal para quienes buscan aprovechar al máximo su espacio sin perder amplitud ni vistas al exterior. Ofrece gran confort termoacústico, acabados innovadores y durabilidad a lo largo del tiempo.

Trailer House

If you desire to carry your home wherever you go, our TRAILER HOUSE is the ultimate choice. Crafted to enhance your experience with comfort and functionality, it provides a distinctive and adaptable living space.


With ARKODOME, you not only get a strong and durable living space, but you also enjoy an exceptional panoramic view.