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It is a self-supporting multi-wall system in alveolar polycarbonate for facades, dividing walls and translucent enclosures. It offers UV protection, insulation and high light transmission creating modern spaces. Thanks to its tongue-and-groove characteristics, it allows you to obtain clean and easy-to-install facades.

Panel Arkopal-Topgal

Multi-wall alveolar system, with 100% hermetic dry seal connectors. With UV protection on both sides of the sheets, providing high thermal insulation, light control and rigidity. Versatile system to be implemented not only on roofs, but also on facades and enclosures in residential, industrial and commercial projects.

Arkoglass U

Modular system in solid polycarbonate trays with excellent resistance properties, high light transmission, easy and quick installation; ideal for roofs and/or enclosures, and facades where a low incidence of load-bearing structure is required.


Alveolar polycarbonate tray system, to generate lighting strips, compatible with our ecoroof system and traditional industrial type roofing systems such as standing seam or similar, designed for commercial and industrial projects in applications for facades and enclosures. Thanks to its characteristics, arkolux is an effective solution for the use and continuity of natural light.