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P3 Corrugated Tile

Solid P3 polycarbonate shingles provide durability and style. In addition, they provide excellent thermal and acoustic insulation for your spaces. Thanks to the insulating properties of polycarbonate, these tiles help maintain a comfortable interior temperature while reducing the transfer of outside noise, creating a quiet and pleasant environment inside your home or office.

P7 Corrugated Tile

P7 solid polycarbonate tiles stand out for their easy installation and low maintenance. Thanks to their lightweight and flexible design, these tiles are easy to handle and place, and adaptable to traditional roofing systems, which facilitates the installation process. In addition, polycarbonate is a strong and durable material that requires little maintenance throughout its useful life.

Greca Trapezoidal Tile Profile

Solid polycarbonate Greca trapezoidal tiles are a resistant option for your roofs and enclosures. This tile is designed with a unique trapezoidal shape that offers greater structural strength and excellent water evacuation.

Ecowall tile 27 PC

Ecowall 27 solid polycarbonate tiles combine efficiency for your roofing projects. This tile has a unique geometry, being an integral part of our UPVC ecoroof roofing systems, and is designed to offer a simple and quick installation.

Ecoroof tile 37 – 40 PC

Ecoroof 37 solid polycarbonate tiles offer energy efficiency and natural luminosity for roofs and/or lighting strips. Designed with a high resistance structure that maximizes its distance between supports, thermal insulation and light transmission.