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Triple Wall

Triple wall sheets are an ideal solution for those projects that require a high level of insulation and resistance. Thanks to their multi-wall design, these sheets offer excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, helping to maintain a comfortable interior temperature.

titan sky

Experience the perfect combination of transparency and protection with Titan Sky polycarbonate sheets. These sheets offer exceptional optical clarity, allowing great transmission of natural light in your spaces.


Selectogal sheets offer superior thermal control and energy efficiency in your projects. Thanks to their solar selection technology, these sheets allow better control of heat input and light transmission in your spaces.

Titan M

Titan M polycarbonate sheets offer exceptional strength and durability in applications requiring extra impact protection. Designed to withstand larger impacts and impacts, these films are ideal for areas exposed to high-impact conditions, such as windows, screens, and sports areas.


Thermogal offers excellent thermal insulation and high energy efficiency in your projects. Thanks to their multi-wall structure and special composition, these sheets provide an effective barrier against temperature changes, helping to maintain adequate air conditioning and reducing energy consumption.