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Ecowall 10 roof tile

The most economical UPVC corrugated sheet in the Ecoroof line is ideal for cladding, dividing walls, and ceilings. Its geometry allows for use on curved surfaces. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, it can be applied vertically and horizontally.

Ecoroof 21 roof tile

For roofs and enclosures, it is the most economical product, featuring a uniform geometry that provides a homogeneous texture on surfaces and roofs. Ideal for domestic applications in homes and small projects

Ecowall 27 roof tile

It is the most common profile on the market and has become the ideal specification for light roofs and enclosures.

Ecoroof 36 roof tile

The Profile was developed exclusively by Arkos, combining the dimensions of an asbestos cement tile with the characteristics of a UPVC tile. This product has two main applications: industrial facades and enclosures, and residential roofs.

Ecoroof tile roof 37

The best-selling product for industrial roofs, with the perfect relationship between price and performance and a length of up to 11.80m.

Ecoroof 51 roof tile

The profile developed by Arkos is optimal for industrial roofs, featuring a useful width of 1.20 meters and a unique crest height in the market, allowing for greater distance between supports.

Ecoroof P3 upvc roof tile

P3 corrugated tile, Thanks to its three-layer UPVC composition and foamed PVC core, ECOROOF® P3 tiles have high impact resistance and low heat transmission, offering better thermal and acoustic comfort, among many other advantages.

Ecoroof p7 upvc roof tile

Designed to replace traditional P7 corrugated fiber cement or asbestos tiles, light, providing less waste management, offering better thermal and acoustic comfort, among many other advantages.

ecoroof Alveolar 40 roof Tile

Thanks to its honeycomb structure and UPVC composition, it provides your project with excellent structural stability and high performance over time, providing functionality and aesthetics.

Spanish roof tile

The ideal alternative is to maintain the aesthetic value of clay tiles on new roofs, with a significant reduction in weight and the elimination of leaks manufactured in UPVC and ASA_UPVC with an aged terracotta finish that will last for many years.


Discover the luxurious colonial style in our short oak tiles. Roofs can now become perfect decorative complements in all types of architecture, with a rustic appearance, matte finishes, and colors that make the difference.